We have a new name — RIP Medical Debt is now Undue Medical Debt.
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It prevents millions from achieving financial stability and subjects them to emotional anguish. Our mission is to end medical debt and be…

Powered by donors, we buy and erase the medical debts of everyday people — freeing them from the undue burden of medical bills they can’t afford.

Erasing medical debt is an intervention, not a solution. We also advocate for structural changes to the broken U.S. healthcare financing system.

We’re changing the way people think about medical debt by sharing stories that reveal it is a failure of policies and systems, not people.

Undue’s Timeline

As a young nonprofit, it’s amazing how much has been achieved to date. The below is a non-exhaustive timeline of Undue Medical Debt’s (also known as RIP Medical Debt) accomplishments and milestones.



Undue is founded by former debt collections executives with decades of experience


John Oliver partners with Undue to erase $15 million of medical debt on Last Week Tonight


Undue partners with NBC/Telemundo TV stations to relieve $15 million of medical debt


$ 1 billion

in debt abolished


Undue’s “COVID Heroes Fund” relieves debts of frontline workers

Department of Health & Human Services approves Undue to acquire medical debt directly from hospitals/physicians


Undue announces first provider/hospital partnership with Ballad Health

$5 billion

in debt abolished


Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott gifts Undue 2nd donation, $30 million

$115 million

of veteran debt abolished since inception


White House approves local governments partnering with Undue for debt relief programs

$10 billion

in debt abolished

Cook County partners with Undue to erase over $280 million in the Chicago area

We know it’s important that your donation is being used effectively and responsibly. We constantly strive to be transparent and accountable in everything we do